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There are numerous online games available for free that you can enjoy across various genres and platforms. Some popular options include:
1. *Fortnite*: A battle royale game where you can play solo, duo, or in a squad against other players.
2. *Apex Legends*: Another popular battle royale game with unique characters and abilities.
3. *Warframe*: A cooperative third-person shooter game set in a science fiction universe.
4. *League of Legends*: A multiplayer online battle arena game where teams of champions battle it out.
5. *Dota 2*: Another popular multiplayer online battle arena game where teams of players compete in strategic matches.
6. *Hearthstone*: A digital collectible card game where you can build decks and compete against other players.
7. *Guild Wars 2*: A massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a vast open world to explore.
8. *Path of Exile*: An action role-playing game known for its deep character customization and engaging gameplay.
9. *Smite*